Issues with Layers on Slide with Audio only on the Base Layer

May 16, 2023

Hi, I have uploaded a sample that includes 3 slides to show the triggers I am using on the middle slide. (Slides A and B are placeholders only to show the issue with the next and previous button). I am using Storyline 360.

Here's my dilemma...If the learner chooses to 'go back" to the earlier slide (by clicking the previous button) when the audio on the base layer of slide 2 ends (rather than clicking on the 2 images as the instructions direct), the learner does not have to listen to the audio on the base layer of slide 2 again when they go back to that slide.  They are immediately able to start clicking on the 2 images to reveal more information. The slide should not be marked as complete until everything has been done (audio complete on base layer and each image clicked on to reveal more information). I want the learner to be required to listen to that audio again before being allowed to click on those images if they did not finish the slide before clicking the previous button.

Can someone take a look at my triggers and tell me what I'm missing? Thanks in advance!!!

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Eric Santos

Hi Sonya,

Thanks for reaching out! I appreciate you sharing a detailed description of the issue and the Storyline project file; they helped me understand the problem better.

Please set the 'When revisiting' slide property to Reset to initial state and see if it helps you achieve the requirements. It will reset the Mod5Scenario1Audio variable to its default value when the learner returns to Slide #2.

Reset to initial state

Let me know if you have any questions!

Sonya McLamb

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, this will not fix my problem. The regulating body for whom this course will be reviewed and hopefully subsequently approved, requires that slides such as this one do not require the learner to listen to the audio, and click on the layers again upon revisit. Therefore, my issue is I need them to listen to the base layer audio again if they hit the previous button before clicking on the layers...but at the same time, the slide must resume saved state if they complete the slide and return to it later.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Sonya, 

Thanks for the additional information. It looks like you need the slide to reset to initial state in order to make listening to the audio file mandatory, while also remembering the state of the characters in the slide. 

One way to do this is to control everything using a True/False variable that will track if a learner has successfully completed viewing a slide. If this variable has a value of False, the audio file in the slide will continue to play, and all characters on the slide will retain their default poses.

If this variable is then changed to True, the audio file in the slide will no longer play when the slide is revisited, and the characters on the slide will switch to other poses. 

I've attached a sample file so you can get an idea of how this principle works in an actual Storyline 360 project file. 

Basically, this will revolve around two important mechanics:

  • The slide revisit behavior, which is set to reset to initial state to allow the audio file to play on repeat until the slide is completed
  • The True/False variable, which will be responsible for monitoring if the slide has been completed

Let me know if you have any questions!