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Jun 24, 2013


I'm new to Storyline and have been editting a project another e-learning developer made. One of the requested edits I received was to get a large info box off the screen so the learner could see everything behind it. However, removing the info box means losing the info the learner needs on this screen. (Since the user needs to be able to read the info and look at the screen at the same time, a lightbox wasn't an option.)

The fix I came up with was to turn the info box into a sliding tab. The learner clicks the tab and the box slides out of view with exception of the tab peeping out from the side of the screen. When the learner wants to look at the info box again, she clicks the tab again and it slides back out. I wrote this using a couple layers, animations and triggers.

The sliding tab works great with one exception. If the learner "closes"  the tab and then uses the seek bar to go back to a part in the slide before the sliding tab first appears, the sliding tab comes out from behind the closed tab and both tabs can be seen. I think it's unlikely someone would run into this particular snag, but I don't want to plan on that. Any suggestions? The original project is really big, so I'm just posting an example of the "sliding tab."

Thanks for your help!


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Kevin Thorn

Kira, another approach is to use the Master Slide. Build all your functions and animation on a master that's pacific to hat slide. The advantage is having a model than can be easily duplicated and repurposed elsewhere.

Here's a demo of what might work for you >

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