Slow animation sync on iPad

I'm having a real problem with animations running behind the audio on the iPad. I use cue points to mark where various screen elements appear onscreen, and things run fine on a PC, but not iPad. This problem isn't particular to a single Storyline project file, it's ANY Storyline project.

Here are some config particulars:

  • Storyline update 5
  • Publishing includes HTML5 output, but NOT using the Articulate Mobile Player (can't use player because the content ultimately is run from an LMS that doesn't track mobile player results)
  • Running iPad with iOS 7.1 and latest Mobile Safari

I'd be grateful for ideas and suggestions. Thanks!

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Brett Rockwood

Patrice, I'm just getting started developing iPad content and have seen what you are talking about. My inclination is that it relates to network speed as when I test something over 3G on an iPad 2 I often get very unpredictalbe loading/playback issues. But when I test connected via WiFi they are far less apparent and often play back as expected.

Which brings up a question: is there a load sequence that Storyline uses when delivering content? For example, do graphics load before audio, do call outs load before animations, etc.? I can't seem to find a pattern as sometimes the audio will play before the screen has loaded and other times the screen will play — and move on to the next screen — before the audio even gets a chance to play.

Philip Moon

I'm having big problems with this too. I have found it is related to the number of objects on a slide. I have had to re-develop content to break busy slides up into a number of smaller slides. Also - try reducing the document resolution down to 96dpi and turning complex tables into pictures. It wont solve all your problems but it does help!