Show Storyline Course in iPad Mobile Player on Projector?

Jun 19, 2012

I've got a presentation next month to a local ASTD e-learning group on Articulate Storyline.  We may have a large audience.

I'd like to demo some Storyline content running on my iPad 2 with the Articulate Mobile Player.  But I'd prefer not passing the iPad around or moving around the room with it. 

Anyone know the best way to show SL content running on the Mobile Player on a multimedia projector?  Is it possible?


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Garry Nordenstam

I use the standard Apple VGA connector, I believe it's about $30.00. Works with my iPad 2, new iPad (3) and my iPhone 4S. I also have the Apple Digital AV Adapter, which provides an HDMI connector (about $40.00).

I've used Apple TV via AirPlay. At a conference - I was one member of a panel where we were all sharing our iPad output, but we ended up resorting to hardwired VGA connections through a switcher due to problems with more than one device accessing the projection system.


Greg Damron

Hi Gerry - When using the VGA connector you may need to consider if you will need an audio connection (an advantage to the HDMI connector is it has this built in). I helped on a project setup recently and we used the ipad dock (link below) to supply the audio connection. As a bonus it also holds the ipad hands free at a nice angle during the presentation.

Also, a confusing part may be although many of the available connectors are HDMI, the native output for the ipad 2 is 1024x768, so if the projector your using supports this you should be good to go with display matching your ipad 1:1!

Here's a link with an article on video output for the ipad you might find interesting

Magda Diaz

An alternate solution: If you have a Mac you can use The Reflection app on it to display an iPad. (then connect the Mac to the projector in normal fashion.) It works really well but you also get the Mac desktop. See

Otherwise the cables Greg mentioned should work or of course Airplay would be the coolest approach. It will impress both your friends and enemies

BTW, Reflection is  great way to do capture screencast demos for the iPad.

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