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Jun 23, 2015


Is there any way to slow down the video screen recording that I have done? It's too fast for my learners to watch and make notes. Do I have to slow down my capturing or can I do it on Storyline? thanks so much.

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James Murphy

Hi Shelly 

    I've been using the software for about a month primarily with screen captures and I've found that the audio editor is great but the video editor is quite basic. It's probably due to the fact that editing video takes a lot of processing and has a lot of things you need to be aware of when doing advanced video editing like bit rates, aspect ratios and formats. As Emily said the easiest way to do what you need to do is either export the video from the program or get it from your Story_content folder and edit it with another program. There may be a free program out there to edit the .MP4 file but if you are at all unsure of how to do the editing it might be an overall easier solution to redo the recording at a slower pace, as much as I know that's a pain there is also the possibility that by editing it in a third party application you will lose embedded content like mouse click areas in the video. Hopefully you find an acceptable solution. 



Shelly Joseph-Dixon

Thank you for the information. I was hoping to avoid having to use our other editing software for screen captures and video editing. We use Camtasia. It's awesome but a long and complex process and I am comfortable with Articulate.

Guess it's time to get a handle on the other software.

Kind regards

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Nacéra!

Right now, Replay keeps the speed of the video as it was recorded. Check out all the available media editing tools here!

We're continuously exploring new features, so I'll share this suggestion with the right team. Feel free to share any extra insight through our Feature Request form!

In the meantime, Crystal outlines some great approaches here. Could any of those work for what you're looking to do?

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