Smaller display screen when publishing.

Jul 07, 2020

Hi everyone,

My colleague and I work together on creating interactions for mobile devices. However, there is a difference in publication when she does it or when I do. We have exactly the same settings, but when I publish the files the screen shrinks. It is like my publication has extra padding around the screen. Does anyone have any idea what this is causing?

Kind regards,

K. Visser

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Lauren Connelly

Hi K. Visser!

I'm happy to help! Let's get a few more details so we can start troubleshooting!

  • Are you only seeing the padding on the Mobile Device, or is it also on your desktop?
  • On the Mobile Device, are you viewing the course in an app or a browser? If so, which app or browser?
  • Are you both viewing the course on the same type of device?
  • Lastly, which version of Storyline are you using?

After this, we should be all set to troubleshoot! I appreciate you working through this with us!

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