Snapping the timeline end to a video

Hello Articulate Superhero's,

I have an unusual situation. I have a 2 hour video that I am cutting into smaller pieces within the Articulate Storyline Edit Video options.I have successfully cut down the video to a small 30 second clip but now I have a lot of deadspace (approx 1 hour 59 minute and 30 seconds). The only way I have found to cut down the dead space is to drag the "End" from the timeline to the end of the 30 second video clip. It takes a few minutes (feels like forever) to drag the "End' to the the 30 second marker, anyone have a better method?

  • I have zoomed all the way out on the time line.
  • I do not have any other video editing software (Corporate policy: this would be too easy if I could just export the video, cut it, then import back to Articulate)
  • I have searched the forums and viewed the video Jeanette posted about dragging and zooming out, doesn't really help me particular situation.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Roger and welcome to the Heroes community!

There isn't a way that the timeline on that slide will snap back to match to video - but could you copy the video onto a new slide? That way the timeline would automatically adjust to the new video length. 

You could also submit this as a feature request. 

Justin Lloyd

I have a similar issue. Hopefully Ashley's new slide suggestion will work for me. I created a template that I use for a number of videos. They're single slide scorm's with approximately an hour long video. After I completed the project, I learned that by saving the template for the new course and then deleting the old video and inserting the new, doesn't reset the seekbar (seekbar doesn't align with current video length). So on videos that are shorter than the previous video in the previous scorm, there's a ton of dead air at the end of the video. 

So I guess I'll open up all these scorms and copy the videos over to a new slide to see if the seekbar syncs up with the existing video.