Software interaction quiz where order of entry is not important

Hello, we have some software settings that need to be configured in a particular way, but not necessarily in a particular order. I'm not sure how to test for that in an interactive quiz. Example:

  1. Press button A
  2. Press button B 
  3. Enter number in box 1 and then press Enter
  4. Press button C
  5. Press button D
  6. Enter number in box 2 and then press button E
  7. Enter number in box 3 and then press Enter
  8. Enter number in box 4 and then press Enter
  9. Press button F
  10. Press button G of these 10 interactions, 4 of them are paired but in reality it doesn't matter in which order they are done. Is there a way to test for this?

...I'm thinking to assign a variable to each interaction and then "add up" the variables until the "submit" button is pressed. Any opinions...?


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