Software simulation : MS-DOS software running in Windows

Apr 23, 2014

Hi guys,

I just got a request from my client to create an e-learning about how to use their applications, these apps are MS-DOS based running on Windows where we have to navigate by arrows, F keys, TAB, and we don't use mouse.

My client wants the learner to put their theoretical knowledge into practice by having a test on a virtual environment like we can see in software simulation feature in Storyline.

My main concern is that i'm not sure whether there are some issues with the DOS based apps with Storyline especially when published on the web. Do those keys will work (Tabs, Arrows, F keys) when published on the web? and is there any other issues?

Thank you in advance

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Narongrit Chimchang

Thanks Alexandros,

It seems that Storyline may not go well with this project and the software simulation might not be possible at this time. Just only video demonstration, presentation and quiz are enough.

Any ideas about the screen capture software?, since i don't have Storyline license (I have only Presenter 13) so there is no screen capture feature.

John Black

I just built a simulation of a terminal emulator that runs an old mainframe computer. Storyline's screen recording feature didn't work in the emulator environment, so I captured screens and built the simulation by hand.

The TAB key worked OK. I got around the issue of F-keys in the browser by running the Storyline simulation from a CD. I also determined, that by switching browsers, we will be able to run the simulation from our LMS in the future.

By the way, when you use text field in Storyline presentation running on a CD, the BACKSPACE and arrow keys don't work properly. Users have to erase mistakes by selecting the text with the mouse and either typing over it or hitting DELETE. Other than that, I'm pleased with the results.

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