Software simulations - best practices

Jul 07, 2014

There doesn't seem to be a lot of conversation around the simulation feature in Storyline.  I'm just beginning to use it and would love to hear what issues others have encountered and solutions they've found. 

Some of the things I'm wondering are:

  • What kind of navigation did you use to allow learners to choose their path (watch, try, assess)?
  • What screen size did you record? (our software packs a LOT into a window...)
  • What seems to be best video size/length for a manageable file size to upload to LMS?
  • What sort of adaptations have you made to the Try scene to better guide your learners?
  • How have you updated simulations if your interactions are based on a video - do you rebuild the entire thing or insert screenshots and remove the original video?
  • Have you found resources for learning more than what can be found in Articulate tutorials?

If these conversations are happening and I just haven't searched properly to find them, please let me know!

Thanks Heroes


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