What's the best way to record a screen capture without Storyline?

Jul 30, 2014

Hey guys! So I apologize in advance for this very basic, elearning 1.0 question, but I really could use your help.

I'm recording some software simulations for eventual input into Storyline. However, I have to do it on an laptop that doesn't have a copy of Storyline on it already. (I'd get the trial version installed, but I'd have to go through IT and it would probably take a week.)

What are the best options for recording audio/video without Storyline or any other e-learning software. Are there any web-based solutions I can use? The only requirements is that I'd be able to input the videos into storyline when I'm finished.

Again, this is probably very basic for a lot of you, but I'd really like to hear your thoughts!


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Steffanie Hobelman

Hi Andrew,

We currently have a few softwares that allow for screen captures: Captivate and Snag It. We just recently got PhotoShop, too, but I haven't really gotten into that one to know if you can do screen captures. Snag It is a Microsoft product that I don't think we even had to pay extra for...I think it came with all the other Microsoft products (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, etc.).

Good Luck!

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