What's the best way to record a screen capture without Storyline?

Hey guys! So I apologize in advance for this very basic, elearning 1.0 question, but I really could use your help.

I'm recording some software simulations for eventual input into Storyline. However, I have to do it on an laptop that doesn't have a copy of Storyline on it already. (I'd get the trial version installed, but I'd have to go through IT and it would probably take a week.)

What are the best options for recording audio/video without Storyline or any other e-learning software. Are there any web-based solutions I can use? The only requirements is that I'd be able to input the videos into storyline when I'm finished.

Again, this is probably very basic for a lot of you, but I'd really like to hear your thoughts!


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Steffanie Hobelman

Hi Andrew,

We currently have a few softwares that allow for screen captures: Captivate and Snag It. We just recently got PhotoShop, too, but I haven't really gotten into that one to know if you can do screen captures. Snag It is a Microsoft product that I don't think we even had to pay extra for...I think it came with all the other Microsoft products (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, etc.).

Good Luck!

Adam Mac

SnagIt is screen capture software and the newest version offers video/audio capture and some mild editing capabilities. The same company produces Camtasa (much more robust video editing features). For a price point aroudn $50 it's useful software to have in your tool kit evein without the video feature.