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Apr 06, 2016


I'm considering the best way of presenting a large number of software training courses to both internal and external customers. My initial thoughts are through video, screencast etc. and use a video based content management system, because I want the trainees to be able to search and discover the parts of the training that they're interested in.

The software itself is highly technical but the end users cover a variety of technical abilities from being complete novices to software developers. I'm considering breaking the courses right down so that trainees can select what is pertinent to them.

I've used Storyline in the past with a LMS to reach external as well as internal customers but I don't know if its right for this application.

I know thatĀ it's possible to create video simulations of the software in Storyline, then publish them to say Articulate Online as an LMS but is it possibleĀ to have them searchable by keyword by the end user?

If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate your help.



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Phil -- Thanks for reaching out! And while I will defer to your fellow community members to share some of their ideas and advice, I thought perhaps you might want to take a look at the following on software simulations:

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How to... create more engaging software simulations?

Hope you find that information useful! :)

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