Some icons from PowerPoint are imported as white blocks

When I import PowerPoint slides some icons are imported as filled in white blocks. I see some users have had this same issue in the past and the workaround was to reinstall Storyline; Create a new PPT file and import from that; and/or Right-click the icon then Format Picture > Fill > No Fill. 

Unfortunately none of these solutions is solving the issue. When right-clicked the icons and their constituent parts are not appearing as filled so can't be unfilled. I can copy and paste them individually from PPT but there are hundreds and the rest of the team here is also experiencing this problem with other presentations so we really need a solution rather than a workaround.

I attach a PPT file showing how the icons should appear and a Storyline file showing how they are appearing.

Any help with this would be gratefully received.


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Vincent Scoma

Hey Anne,

Thank you for reaching out and for providing those files! 

I am so sorry that this is causing an interruption in your workflow. I reviewed the files and was running into the same issue when I tried to import the powerpoint file into a Storyline course. I then tried this workflow which seemed to do the trick:

  • I opened the .story file you provided >> opened the powerpoint file as well >> copied the printer icon from the powerpoint file >> then pasted that icon into the .story file and it pasted into the Storyline course correctly.
  • For the server icon that was all white, I opened the .story file >> copied the other server that was correct >> removed the white block and replaced it with the duplicate server icon. 

I am also attaching an updated .story file to this thread. Please let me know if you have any questions about this!