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Aug 14, 2012

Is there a way to change all radio button selectors to be the same color after they're in place on a slide? Or all check boxes, all text, etc. to update across the entire project? Or do I have to set this up before I place them? I thought you could click something that says like, 'apply to all' once you made a change on one button - but I can't find it.

This seems too simple to be difficult, or maybe my brain's just fuzzy, but, please help,


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Adrian Dean

Hi Jesse,

Sorry it took so long for someone to get back to you. The only way I know of that allows you to apply a change to anything existing is when it is applied to slides, not the objects on the slides. You could create one radio button and then copy and paste it so that each new one has the same color, etc. You have the option of creating a template from an existing project and using it in a new project to save time. You could setup your slide master and it's layouts and those would apply automatically to each new slide, although those objects added to the slide master will not be clickable, so no triggers, no functions.

There are a lot of ways to save time, but most will require setup before they become useful. The ability to apply changes or settings for objects across a variety of slides would be a good feature request.

Always Happy to Help,


Jesse Spinella

Okay, thanks Adrian.

I thought the format painter would do something quick like, apply across all slides, but that's just to a single object and you need to click on the like object every time, correct? Or can you use format painter to set up formatting on any object?


I have a radio button that's green and has an outline and a shadow, and I want to apply that format to a check box and a rectangle shape. Does the format painter work on any object? Or just the same object you originally set up?


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