Is there an easy way to reset states when re-entering a screen?

Is there something similar to reset quiz or reset results, but for regular screens?

I always add some kind of trigger to disable a Next button until the timeline ends or all buttons on a screen are clicked. This changes the state from Normal to Visited on all of the buttons, and then I enable the Next button.

I run into a problem when someone clicks the next button and then clicks the previous button. Doing this returns you to the screen and all of the buttons are still showing as Visited, therefore breaking the trigger which enables the next button.

I've been able to resolve this by adding more triggers to change the state of the buttons to Normal when the timeline starts, but this just ends up being time consuming since I typically do this throughout courses and can have a multiple buttons on each slide (anywhere from 2 - 6+).

Just wondering if anyone else has run into something like this or there's a trigger I'm missing an easy way to fix this.

If not, I'd like to make a suggestion that there is a "Reset Slide" trigger that could be added to Storyline.

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