Variable to change next slide trigger to normal when markers visited & timeline ends not working as expected

Apr 24, 2018


I'm having some trouble creating a variable to change a custom next slide trigger (Using a marker) to normal when all objects on a slide are visited & the timeline ends.  I have done all the usual such as a trigger to change the state of next slide trigger to normal when all objects are visited & variable such as timeline ends equals true.  This works fine if the objects are all visited before the timeline ends.  However if all the markers are not visited until after the timeline ends the next slide trigger doesn't change to normal.  See attached with seekbar to show timeline.  If the objects are visited before the timeline ends the next slide trigger changes to green/normal, if 1 or more objects are not visited before the timeline ends the trigger doesn't work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've spent hours now experimenting with multiple triggers & variable options which all give the same result!

Many thanks,


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Will Smith

Hi David,

Just had a quick look at your story, I believe a solution would be to have two sets of triggers.

One trigger will change the next button to Normal on timeline end if all states are visited. the other trigger will change the state of the next button to normal when all states are visited and the variable is set to true. 

This will allow the next button to change states on timeline end and after but not before. 

I quickly implemented this into your file to have a look at below. 

Hopefully, that's a solution. :) 


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