Sorting activity in Storyline (sequence drag and drop?)

Apr 03, 2022

I've tried to make a drag and drop sorting activity.  It mainly does what I want, but although I've ticked 'only one object per drop area' that doesn't seem to work, or at least not consistently.

I've found examples of 'sequence drag and drop' activities on the forum but I don't see how to do that, and I haven't been able to adapt those I've seen to look quite how I'd like.

Is there a way to get this one to work fairly easily?

All help greatly appreciated :)

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Walt Hamilton

The problem is that the slide opens with the drag items covering the drop targets. You probably think the drag items are in the drop targets, but they are not. SL thinks they are in the targets only if you have clicked on them and moved them. So if you drag Horizon scanning (HS) and drop it on Scenarios (S), SL considers that HS is in target 1, and S is between them, but not in the target. If you drag Driver mapping over HS, HS will move to another target, because you can only have one item per target. S doesn't move because it is not in the target, so isn't affected by the one item only setting.

Check the attached sample for one way to solve the problem if you don't want to use a built-in Sequence DnD..