Triggers fail when drag 'n' dropping during audio feedback.

Aug 01, 2018


I'm just exploring Storyline and created a simple drag and drop activity  with some audio feedback. While it is intuitive and easy to work with, I came across something I'm not sure how to address. 

It goes something like this. It's a sorting activity, so 3 items are dropped into one basket. I have an audio that's triggered after each correct drop. After this, the same image (say img1) appears in another place to show it was used. However, if I drag and drop another item (say img2) in the same basket while the audio for img1 is playing, the appearing of img1 at the other place to show it was used does not trigger. Any ideas, please? 


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Calvin Santo

Hi Alyssa,

Sorry for the late response. As I had mentioned earlier, I have been exploring Articulate 360, and I got so involved I forgot to check this thread. Since then, I have found other, and I'd like to say better, ways to solve my earlier issue, thanks to the superpower options I discovered in Storyline 360. I can't believe I have been working without it for so long!

So yes, I will be subscribing pretty soon. And thank you so much for your promptness. 




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