Sound not working on ipad

I got a course published on an LMS and everything works fine.

Now i have moved all information to an new LMS (or actually its the same lms but a new site)  
and got a strange issue.
In the course there is a couple of chapter. In chapter two there is a "speakersound". That sound isn't played on Ipad.

I first thought that i was becasue of storyline, update 6 and the problem with ipads.
But i feel that in that case it wouldn't work on the old site neither.

Im out of ideas....  

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Emily Ruby

Hello Jacob!

Have you tested this on the SCORM Cloud to verify that it does work as expected there? This is the industry standard for testing and can let you know if it is an LMS issue or not.

If it works on the SCORM Cloud, you can take a look at the information here.

I also wanted to ask if this audio is on a base layer, or is it in a separate layer with a trigger to play it?