Sound plays but no video shows

I bought a new computer with windows 8. Now when I try to preview my videos in articulate they don't show.  I can hear the sound so I know it is playing, but all I get is the plain background.  I thought I needed flash, but it is pre-installed on Windows 8.  I went on the board and one suggested KLite+, but that didn't work either.  Can anyone help please.


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Peter Anderson

Hey Brian!

Are you trying to watch a published version of your course, or just through the Preview feature?

If the videos aren't playing in the Preview feature, what kind of video format are you trying to use? 

And you may want to try publishing your course and testing it in Tempshare to see if it works there. 

Let us know and we'll be happy to help

Jennifer Gabel

I have an employee with the same issue.  She can hear the audio but has no video.  She has the latest flash version and is using Mozilla Firefox.  The Storyline is published through our LMS - SABA.  It is working fine for all our other employees.  We are stumped so any suggestions would be helpful.