Dual boot machine and Storyline

I have a dual boot setup where one side is Windows 7 and the other side is Windows 8. I work mostly in Windows 7 but am slowly moving over to Windows 8. When I installed Windows 8, I used the option of replicating all my installed programs. No problem with Articulate Presenter, but Storyline asks me to activate again. It shows my serial number in the activation screen, but always fails to activate telling me I have an invalid serial number. Question: can I run two copies of Articulate on the same machine or am I forced to deactivate on the Windows 7 side to be able to activate on the Windows 8 side (hope not)?

Thanks for any clarification.

Kevin Collins

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Kevin Collins

Thanks for getting back to me, Leslie. I should have mentioned to you earlier that I was getting a UI_AdminRequiredNotice warning during my attempt to activate. I understand this refers to not having administrator's privileges when installing. I hadn't actually installed Storyline on Windows 8 directly myself, but let the Windows 8 installation itself carry over all my program installations that were on my Windows 7 side. Anyway, I guess there was a glitch in that process (no problem with Articulate Studio, though, as I mentioned earlier).

So I uninstalled Storyline on my Windows 8 boot side, reinstalled and everything went fine when I activated. So happiness now prevails.

Thanks again for looking at this, and as always I am highly impressed with Articulate's excellent support...Kevin.