Sound Triggers Help Needed

Mar 14, 2022

Good day,

Attached is a demo file for a course that I am working on.  Specifically, the sound controls.  I have installed some JavaScript that turns the sound on and off by clicking a specific icon.  That part works.

When a learner clicks the sound icon, it turns off the sound and the state of the icon changes to reflect this.  However, when the learner goes to the next slide, while the sound remains off, the icon returns to it's original state.  

I would like the state of the icon image to remain persistant based on the clicks of the learner.  IE: if they turn it to the "off state" on slide one, it remains in that state until the learner changes it again, on a later slide.

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Andrew Hoskins

I guess I understand the suggestion, but the problem I am coming up against is that when I set a variable-based trigger on the main slides, I am not being given the option to change the state of the sound icon, which resides on the master slide level.  Will I need to remove that icon from the master slide and add it to all of the other slides to make this work?