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Jun 11, 2014

I am building a course that requires a font to match the corporate branding.

I understand that as long as the machine I am working on has this special font installed on my machine that the font will appear as an option in Storyline.

However, after I publish it and the users go to take this course will the learners have to have the font installed on their computer?

What happens if the user does not have the special font installed?

Many Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Beau,

As long as the font is installed on your computer, you'll be able to use it in Storyline - and if it doesn't appear, check that it works for you in Word or Notepad. You'll also want to make sure Storyline is closed while installing the font, and just to be safe - you could do a reboot.

Your users won't need to have the font, as the text is turned into an image (simplified explanation) and will display for them without a problem. The caveat to this is any variable references, text entry type of interactions if the users will be viewing the HTML5 output or using the mobile player as described here.   As a result, variable references will be displayed using the default fonts of the system or device on which the content is being viewed - likely Arial. 

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