Are fonts embedded?

Jun 08, 2012

When I would pick a new font for a slide is that font embedded?

In other words if I have a special font on my machine and I click on that

special font does the user have to have that font on their machine or is

the font embedded so the one I picked from my machine will work on

everyone elses machine? 


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David Marquez

This is an important issue. I had produced a articulate storyline e-Learning module and in the testing phase the font I used never was embedded or appeared. The original font was substituted by a serif font like Times ( a standard font that comes with all OS). I'm using a special designed font for a company and it is part of their brand image So my question is did i miss something when publishing?

Ashley Schwartau

Hi - we've never had a problem with this before but a client just showed me what some of our slides looked like when the Published course was uploaded into their Skillsoft and the fonts are ALL messed up - Arial has replaced all of the handwritten and more "fun" fonts we used. I've never seen this happen in our LMS or any other clients' so I'm confused and wondering if the problem is on our end or theirs. 

To be clear, Storyline DOES/SHOULD embed fonts in published courses? 

Suzie Armstrong

Another way to overcome the font issue would be if you are putting together a special 'type package' then you could design this in illustrator, export as a png or jpeg and add as picture into storyline. It would retain the font as it is now a picture, but if you needed to go back and edit at any stage, would have to go back to the illustrator file to amend, as would be non editable. As a graphic designer, I have used this practice to put together more visually appealing powerpoints.  

chris King

I've been blind-sighted by this issue as well. Seemingly randomly the fonts are not being embedded, but yes it seems that wherever I'm using variables there is an issue. Very disappointing. I think there at least needs to be a warning message in Storyline that fonts need to be verified on other machines.

Adding support for web fonts would be totally awesome. I don't know if I can trust anything other than system fonts now :(

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear this issue tripped you up as well. You'll see that the font will default to a system font, so you may want to look at setting them up to use some standard fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Open Sans, etc. 

Also you're welcome to share your thoughts on this set up here by submitting a feature request. 

D Christopher Cox

I'm running into the same problem but I'm not familiar with the variables "workaround"?

My thoughts, along with other designers above, is that the Articulate coding developers MUST figure out how to make fonts embedded as part of standard use or at least as an option override as done in MS Word or PPT. This should at least be done for common use such as titles, basic on-screen text placeholders, Notes, and any added text placeholder, shapes, etc. Use for embedded text with buttons, check boxes, input fields would be a wish list item for me.

As an independent contractor, I'm not the one to publish and upload to an LMS. So, that is a scenario being missed by Articulate's tool developers. For me, publishing has always been handled by the client's L&D team.

For now my "workaround" to ensuring the published module is accurate with the proper fonts, for both publishing AND SME reviews, is going to need to be sharing all font files used within the module with the client. My only hope is that the SMEs and client 1) don't have any IT restrictions to individuals uploading font files to their machines so they can publish/review and 2) no font licensing issues are being broken.

I will be submitting a feature request for embedded font use for common text areas.