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James Jenneman

Hi!! Count me as someone wanting speed editing in Replay. I do a lot of screencast walk-throughs, and I don't want to actually trim out anything, I just need them to go faster, like when I'm selecting menu options or scrolling or when web pages are loading slowly.

Actually, Articulate should just completely copy the UX for Screencast-O-Matic. That's the best video editor I've ever used :-)

John Morley

Just a quick word of opinion: There are a number of video editing programs that can slow down, speed up, or do about anything else to a video that you have seen on a movie or TV screen. I use Adobe Premiere. It makes more sense to use this type of specialized tool to get the video as you like it, then import the finished product into Storyline.

Expecting a single tool to do every single trick possible in media production is simply unrealistic. And trying to make such a Franken-product risks creating a buggy mess that breaks down under the weight of its own complexity.

Emily Cain

I do appreciate John Morely's comment, but this wouldn't be true for my team where users would struggle to learn Adobe Premiere, and truly benefit from Storyline incorporating more and more robust features.

Our team makes software training videos and we would like to speed up typing and things like James Jenneman mentioned, like selecting menu options or scrolling.

Please add us to the list of folks who would like this feature added. I would really bring our products some polish and allow less advanced Adobe users access to more advanced features that would otherwise be out of reach. Thanks!

Christiana Awojinrin

How many comments and requests do there need to be to get adjusting video speed into Replay?   

I produce many step by step software usage videos and it would be great to speed up sections of video that show repetitive, but necessary, actions. This is preferable to  cutting sections out as my users would then exclaim: "Whoa, what just happened?!" 

We're not asking for "every trick possible" - just some fundamental functionality that would save us having to switch to heavy weight, and slightly brain-hurting, tools like PremierPro and DaVinci Resolve. 

Christiana Awojinrin

I'm going to answer myself as I suspect Articulate will say: "Thank you for your great feedback. We are still considering this" ...  

I've just  looked at the latest version of the ClipChamp video editor (now owned by Microsoft) and it has everything I need!  It's intuitive and far more feature-rich than Replay - although still nowhere near the mind-blowing functionality of Premier or Davinci. I have just speeded up a section of video with two clicks! 

I hope this helps some of you.

It also has a very good AI text to speech converter with loads of languages and voice styles which will save me hours of naration editing - chopping out ums, errrrs and Ring doorbells!