Spinning Pointer - Random Stop - Can it be done in Storyline?

Jul 07, 2014


I came across this PowerPoint file on the Internet and I was wondering if it would be possible to do something similar in Storyline. Is it possible to create the random spinning image in Storyline using javascript? If so, does anyone know what javascript is required? I would really love to create something similar.



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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Jayne, as you've probably figured out there is no way to do this by default. The spin is something that can be 'faked' but the randomness is the issue as a default spin (whit no customizable functions) doesn't allow a custom start and end position or amount of spins, degrees etc. Maybe some Javascript, Flash or Java embedded feature might give you the result you'll need but it wouldn't be something that is easily editable (if at all) and won't work on every, if any, mobile device.

Jeff Kortenbosch

Nick Russell said:

You can create the spinning wheel  in storyline using the spinning animation effect. One way to get random access to questions is to replicate your spinning wheel slide according to the number of questions in your quiz and arranging for the pointer to stop at the different quiz questions. These spinning wheel slides can then be placed into a questions bank and set to random access. Each spinning slide could be linked to a separate question in your project.

Nick,  You posted just a few seconds before mine. I hadn't thought about the question banks for random slides. Good one. You suggest creating a 'blank question' spinning slide attached to a specific question right? Now correct me if I'm wrong but you'd never get a real smooth transition right? It will always have a bit of a jump as the spin animation will always do a 360 degree spin.

Jeff Kortenbosch

Nick, I've been playing around with the randomized questions in the question bank. Brilliant. For some reason Storyline continues the spin from where I left off, or so it seems. I've learned something new today!

Jayne, I've attached my file so you can check out how you could set it up. It's a quick example and it could use some fine-tuning but it gives the general idea.

Jeff Kortenbosch

I see what you mean there Nick. No matter how often you return to the question bank it always (randomly) selects the first question it encounters.

The thing is, you need to stay within the question bank. My first version jumped out and in the QB but it would present me with questions I already answered. Maybe yours has to do with blank slides instead of questions in a question bank?

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