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Jan 22, 2015

I am having some issues w/ things not looking the same on the stage vs when I publish something.

Im using the latest version of Storyline 2.

In this example - I am using normal Arial font - size 14 + Bold for the header and size 12 normal for the body.

I created a bullet using the Storyline 2 shapes (just a circle w/ an line around it)

I have my zoom on the stage set to 100%

I thought the big thing w/ Storyline 2 was WYSIWYG?

This is clearly not the case.

Here is a quick screen shot comparison between the stage view and the published view.  Click the image and see how many differences you can spot.

(Its published in storyline 2 - but its just 2 images that swap when you click them so you can see the differences)

The heading font change

The bullet changes

and the word Objectives changes

The word Stage and Published were added to the screenshot image.

It almost looks as if the text and the shapes get "squished".  The bullet in the published version is no longer round.  And the letter O is more round when published vs oval like it should be.

Can someone please let me know what would be causing these issues?





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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

I'm trying to replicate this behavior - and I've made my text larger and smaller, but it stays as is in preview and publish. Are you possibly zoomed in on your slide or using a different DPI setting on your system? Since you mentioned it happens on every file - can you confirm that you're using local project files as detailed here. 

Rob Verzera

Hi Ashley - I was able to see your published version.
Do you see the issue that I'm describing?

I have attached a test story file as well so you can see what I am describing.
You will see on the stage - everything looks great, but once published - things are off.

I remember this issue being very apparent in Storyline 1 - but have not really noticed it until now in SL2.



Ken Resner

It's not possible (to the best of my knowledge) to "zoom" when previewing a slide/story ??

As for system DPI ...

There is no issue with when editing a slide, regardless of zoom setting. It's when previewing/publishing it shows up ... it doesn't kill the story or anything catastrophic but is annoying and certainly not WYSIWG.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard


I'm testing a similar set up - and I used a few different fonts, and each time it stayed the same size during preview - I recorded a quick video to show you how it appears for me, so if your is behaving differently as you said it may help to see a sample .story file. Also, since you mentioned this occurs on every file, it could be something as simple as a repair. 

Rob Verzera

You do not need to zoom in to see the difference.

Take a screen shot of the stage - then publish it - and take a screen shot - and flip them like in the initial story file I sent - you will see the difference.

Look at the Header text, the bullet text, and the bullets.  
Better yet - view the published on a desktop - then use the HTML 5 version - you can noticed the difference that way as well.

I have the settings set to custom - and everything at MAX.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rob,

I apologize if I was not clear, when doing those steps trying to replicate your set up, I did not see a difference. I see it within the images you shared but  I also don't have a link of your published output where it's hosted to compare testing too. 

Lastly, when viewing published output you'll want to test within the intended environment as described here. Testing publishing content locally could cause odd behavior - and the Flash vs. HTML5 content may also appear a bit differently. 

Victor P


I noticed similar behavior when I was previewing opposed to the stage.  In my case, the text had a shadow on it that didn't display as prominent on the stage.  When previewing it, the shadow made the text look terrible.  I must have accidentally enabled the shadow around the text and didn't realize it.  In your case, could it be something similar where you have some text formatting applied that isn't immediately obvious when looking at it on the stage?   

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