Stars when answering correctly


I have a few drag and drop questions. If the student answers the first q correctly I would like him to get a star at the bottom of the page. For each correctly answered question a star will be added to the page. When he has five stars he will continue to the next chapter.

Is it possible to do, for drag and drop questions? Is there a way to pull out the parameter that keeps count of the correct/ false answer for each question?



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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached quick example, with two drag-and-drop interactions. You should be able to extend the logic to five questions. At the baselayer of each question is a star indicator with five states. When a question is answered correctly, an custom variable is increased by 1 and the state of the star indictor is changed accordingly. You can use the same custom variable to determine if 5 stars have been collected to then display a Continue button.

Gustaf Sylvin

Hi Michael.

Thanx for your quick response. If I understand you correctly, you change the variable value when timeline for the correct answer layer is displayed? Smart solution.

What if I don't use the layers for correct and incorrect answer? What if I want the star to be the only feedback to the student if answered correctly;  immediately when the question is submitted? 

What parameter loads the %ScorePoints% variable? Or did I just answer the question myself? For each correct answer the %ScorePoints% variable will increase with a certain number of points? That figure must be possible to use for displaying the stars?



Michael Hinze

Gustaf, there are lots of possible variations on the same concept. Yes, if you do have a Results slide, you can use the ScorePoints variable instead of a custom variable. And yes, if you don't want to provide the default correct/incorrect feedback layers, you can add the triggers to show the stars to the Submit button. See attached a variation with a results slide and no feedback layers.