Start an animation on click

Hi. Having a small problem i hope some smart person can aid me with. 

I got a slide with some text on and a button saying "START".
When the user clicks start i want the slide to play an animation where the user should says true or false on 10 pictures. 

Actually what i really want is that the playhead stops on 5 sec and then plays again when the user press start. 
I think my timeline in attached file explains how i thinking. 
Is that possible or do i need to rethink it?

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Bruce Holliday


I get it but your method is unworkable Im afraid. If this was flash you would have a time line that would be populated with all your assets and a play head that would show only what was visible at a specific point in time. Thats not the case with SL. The timeline displays all assets all of the time and becomes overly confusing.

If you want to pursue this method see my example of one approach which uses media to control the timeline, just record silence instead......

A better solution would be to use one slide and 10 layers to progress users.