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I have recently started my E-learning projects, I'm still new in E-learning and my company requires me to design e-learning modules that aligns with the 508 compliance. I have researched about JAWS, but couldn't find any topics at all about setting up JAWS with Storyline 2. This led me to assume that Storyline 2 has JAWS built in, am I right? Or do I need to download and install JAWS separately?  

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Bob O'Donnell

JAWS is its own program. You can install it and run it in trial mode, but its not free and its not cheap. We've also have used the programs Rio suggested.

Its best to have someone familiar or experienced with using JAWS to check your program. There are also companies that will check for 508 compliance as a service and provide a complete report of where your course failed.

If you stick to the basics you should mostly be ok. Another good tool we use is Color Contrast Analyser. It will let you know whether your color combinations will pass or not. Most people forget about checking.

Good luck!

Anusha  Shetty


I am trying to add alt text for each element for a screen. But when we are testing in the screen reader software. It is not recognizing. i tried the following steps, but nothing worked out. Please help me out to resolve this. We checked in both SL3 and SL360.


We added the alter text for each element in the screen
We updated the tab order

Lauren Connelly

Hi Anusha!

I'm happy to help! This original discussion mentioned using JAWS. Are you using JAWS as well?

Also, when you say it's not recognizing, is the screen reader ignoring all objects or just not reading the alt text?

If you could provide a Peek of what you see on your end, that will help me offer more detailed support!