State change of buttons when using lightbox slides

Apr 16, 2014

Hi all and happy Easter! 

I'm hoping someone might have a tip for me around this. 

I set up a slide with several buttons with 2 triggers each: 

1. Open the corresponding lightbox from another scene when user clicks 

2. Change state to "visited" (green) when user clicks 

When I test just the slide, the buttons change state beautifully from blue to green when clicked, but when I preview or publish the whole interaction, the state changes appear to occur very slowly or only sporadically.  

I'm wondering if this is just a bit much for AS, or if there is something I might have to 'clean' from the interaction to make it occur correctly. 



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Hassan Altaf Qazi

Hey Dani!

I have done some modification on the first slide and it is working well now....U don't need to add triggers for default states of a button....only add those defaults states that u need....and this will work well....see the file i've attached n u'll get a better understanding of the scenario.

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