State change on hover - return to normal

Oct 02, 2012

I have rectangles on a slide that when the user hovers over them the  e state of a number of other objects on the slide change.

however, when the mouse leaves the rectangle the other objects don't return the normal state (despite the "restore on mouse leave" being selected).

Note the objects that change state are on other layers that are (permanently) shown based on other hovers.

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Jessica Trace

Thanks for your response! Yes, it is an individual object (textbox) that is initially set to be hidden. When you hover over a different object (in this case, a shape) the hidden textbox is set to change to Normal. It is working properly in Preview, but it is never resetting itself to be hidden on rollout when viewing the published output version locally. It sometimes resets to hidden when viewing on our LMS, but other times not.

I've attached a screenshot. The white box with the remediation text is what is remaining on screen and should disappear when the learning rolls off of the plus sign and white circle. We've set up triggers so that if they hover over either shape, that remediation textbox will appear. In both triggers, "Restore to mouse leave" is checked.

Thank you for your help!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jennifer! 

As this thread is a bit older, some of the participants may no longer be subscribed. If you would like to reach Jessica directly, you could do so using the "Contact Me" link on her profile page. If you would like help on a similar issue, feel free to start a new thread and perhaps share a few slides from your file so we can better assist!

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