"Restore on mouse leave"...doesn't!

May 06, 2013

I have a text box named "txtInstructions" on a slide. The initial state of the text box is Normal. The text box has no other states configured.

I have a Hotspot named hsInfoSecSpot on the same slide.

On hsInfoSecSpot I have a trigger ""Change state of "txtInstructions"  to Hidden when the user hovers the mouse over hsInfoSecSpot". The trigger is set to "Restore on mouse leave".

When previewing the slide, the text box txtInstructions is hidden when the user hovers over hsInfoSecSpot. This is the expected behavior.

However, when the user moves the mouse away from hsInfoSecSpot, txtInstructions does no return to the Normal state, as I was expecting, considering "Restore on mouse leave" is set.

Whats going on?

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes Gil!

I think this is because you're triggering the default "Hidden" state for the text box. Can you create an actual custom state for the text, instead and see if the text restores when you move the mouse off of the hotspot?

For example, you could create a new state for the text box named "HideMe". Remove the text from that state and save the changes. Have the hotspot trigger that state and keep the restore option enabled. 

This seems to work quite well with a custom state. If you have any trouble with this, just let me know.


Gil Danieli


That's what I did while I was waiting for a response (which was very quick, thanks!). I mean that's EXACTLY what did - I even named the custom state HideMe, and deleted the text from the box as you recommended.

Works like a dream. Though I have to admit that it seems like a bug that the default Hidden state doesn't work in this case...

Thanks for supporting my thought on the solution, though!

Best regards,


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Gil,

Haha! Now, that's awesome :D

Very happy to hear you were able to get that working. 

From what I've seen, if you try to trigger a non-state like that, it causes a bit of confusion. Sometimes even objects with default states that are triggered (for example having a hover state and triggering hover) can cause some problems. I think in this case, there just wasn't a real state change, but a display change. With it actually having a state difference, it functions perfectly :)

Best of luck on the project, Gil! I hope you have a great day!

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