Text boxes moving when hovered over unrelated shape in Chrome - Using Storyline 360

Nov 29, 2017


We are experiencing an issue where text boxes are moving when the mouse hovers over shapes that are both related and unrelated. 

We have:

1) #1 Text box with a subtitle in it. No other states

2) Below we have another #2 text box

3) Behind the #2 text box we have a blue rectangle with its original state as hidden. There is an entrance animation to fade with .5 sec duration and and exit animation with .75 duration.

The triggers we have set are:

1) Change state of blue rectangle to hidden when user clicks text box #2.

2) Change the state of the blue rectangle to normal when mouse hovers over text box #2 with restore on mouse leave checked.

3)Jump to URL/file --> PDF --> when user clicks text box #1

So the weird part is when the mouse hovers of text box #2, in text box 1, the letters shit slightly. Either their spacing shifts slightly, or the whole text box shift up a pixel or less. Since there is no trigger that we have set up to effect this, we can not figure out why this is happening.

Another strange part is when the mouse hovers over the blue rectangle, text box #2 shifts up about a pixel. 

These problems only seem to happen when using Google Chrome for us in both Articulate Review and when published to SCORM Cloud. We published our course with html5 with flash fall back.

Another piece to piggy back on this is we have two more text boxes with the same triggers as #2 text box, but to a different PDF and one that jumps to another slide. When mouse hovers over text box #3, text box #2 and #1 shift and then when mouse hovers over text box #4, text box #1,2, and 3 all shift...

We are curious why it is functioning this way. Thank you!

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