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Sep 10, 2012

I'm trying to make my own "buttons" using the states. I wan't a decorative little circle/bullet and some text to the right. When either the bullet or the text is hovered over I want the bullet and text to change color.

So I made the little bullet, went into edit states, added the text label, duplicated the state, called it hover, changed the artwork for the bullet a bit, changed the color of the text.

But when I published hovering over the bullet changed the color of the bullet, but not the text. And hovering over the text didn't do anything at all.

So I added an invisible "hover area" box.

Now when I hover over the text, the bullet changes to its hover state, but the text still doesn't do anything.

So I went in and changed the hover text to be some different words like, "Is this thing on?"

Now when I hover (over either part) the bullet changes to its hover state, and the hover text appears over the normal text.

So my question is how to make my own hover text buttons?

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Gerry Wasiluk

Hi!  Try this instead.  Create your text.  Then add a bullet character by using the Insert Symbol function--use the best symbol that you can find for your desired bullet character.

Then create your hover state and color your text.  Both the symbol and text should change to the desired color with a hover.

Does that work for you?

R Rothrock

That seems to work, but the inserted dingbat isn't really what I want. I want to have some art with gradient and/or glow, outline, etc. and I don't want to be limited by what is available from insert symbol.

In this approach I also then deleted the bullet from the Normal state and the Hover state changed to all dingbats!

Then I tried to add my own art to the states. Now the text changes when I hover over, but the bullet art doesn't. It looks different in the states panel and when I hover over the various states in the states panel, but not when I preview.

Additionally the bullet isn't selectable by clicking on it on the timeline. If I select the button and drag it the bullet moves along with the artwork, but it never is included in the selection boundries.

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