Statements to LRS

Jun 01, 2021

Hello everyone,

This is a Storyline 360 question and I'm looking for some expert help.

Basically I have a quiz and I want the LRS to record the answers given by users. So, for example, to the question: "What fruit is this?" the user would click 'kumquat' as the correct response. Therefore I want the LRS to record the answer as 'kumquat' rather than 'choice_6SCbB2ZUxg2'. 

Can this be done in Storyline or is it that the LRS needs to be reconfigured to identify the answer from a different line in the script?

Not that I'm into fruit, the actual application is so that my client can run reports from the LMS showing clearly the responses people using the e-learning give to the questions they are asked.

The files are published in Tin Can / xAPI and here's a screenshot of what the LRS picks up courtesy of testing on SCORMCloud.

All and any help would be massively appreciated :)

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