States and the Timeline

Jul 09, 2013

My goal is to create a simple page that has two tabs, one of which opens an object that presents text with a set of definitions and the other with text presenting a set of objectives. I'd like the user to be able to toggle each of these on & off to read the contents...taking whatever amount of time they need to do that.

I've created the two text window objects, using their "hidden" and "normal" states to make them appear and disappear when the user clicks two tabs at the bottom of the screen. That works just fine.

To make it look a bit nicer, I've added entry and exit animations to the two text windows, so they don't just "poof" on & off the screen...and that works fine too.

My issue is that since the objects have exit animations, when the timeline on the slide ends, those text objects exit without having to click the they close automatically whether the user has finished reading or not. That's a bummer.

So my questions would one solution to just extend the timeline of the slide for a reeeeaaalllyyy long time, so the user is clearly going to get everything read before the slide ends?, or,

Is there a better way to create this effect I am after? I was looking for the simplest way to do this, since I have  a lot of these slides to create...



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