States changing when adding Freeform option to the slide

I am trying to create a quiz question where the user selects multiple options from the screen. I set the slide up so that the user can select and deselect an option. When the user selects an option, the object changes states to a state with a red box around it. When they click it again, it changes back to the normal state which has no box. 

After I got this working, I then went to add the Freeform option to make the quiz function work. The problem is when I add in any Freeform option, my states change and no longer have the box around it thus do not appear any differently when the user clicks on an option. What is causing my states to change on their own? 

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Tori Jacklitch

Hi Alyssa! I actually was able to get a little bit further with the help of Gerald Sale. Now I am having the issue of the correct choices (3, 4, 8) are not being acknowledged as correct when I preview the slide. The slide in question is slide 1.10. Any thoughts?