Creating a character status change within a quiz

Jun 25, 2012

I am trying to change a character status when the user selects the correct answer within a quiz.  I have created a slide with the quiz layout, but I don't want it to score anything.  It is being used more as a knowledge assessement so I have not included a results slide.  I want the character on the slide to change when the user selects the correct answer.  I have created another state for the character, however, I can't setup a trigger that changes the character state with the correct answer selected and the Correct box showing.  Does anyone have a suggestion?

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Mike Enders

Hi Evie,

The key is to add use a condition with the trigger.

The basic idea is...

Change state of Character to Happy when user clicks submit button (IF) (correct answer) is selected. 

The conditions area can be activate by clicking on the plus sign (shown in image).

I've attached a .story file to demonstrate.  I hope it helps!  If not, let me know and we'll keep problem solving.


Amy G.

What about changing a character state to happy upon selecting correct answers? I have question slides with the correct answer set to a point value. So the trigger is set to change to happy when the user clicks submit and the condition that the score equals the point value. Neither the correct nor incorrect triggers are working consistently. I have checked them numerous times. 

The characters are on the slide in neutral expression as the starting point. I don't have any additional states built, but I don't think I need them, as sometimes the trigger does make them happy.,\

Any suggestions?


Laura Lowden

Hi Toni,

I did something similar with a drag and drop interaction.  When they drag the object over to the wrong area, he frowns.  When correct, he smiles.

You'll notice that I created a character head, and put it on top of the "base layer" character because I added an easter egg of the look of surprised when hovered over.  I then just changed the state of the head for the correct/incorrect facial expressions.  I would guess this would work if you just did it to the whole character.  I'm sharing my story file so you can see all the triggers.  Hope it helps!


Laura Lowden

Thank you!  I used the Sorting Drag and Drop slide that Storyline has as a Top Interaction template.  I modified it to fit my needs.  I also did a similar slide for Emails.  Of all the feedback I got during the testing of the module, testers loved the character expression feedback.  They didn't want him to look disappointed.  I guess sometimes we look at something as a little bell or whistle, but to users it's much more than that.


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Ritca.

Thank you for reaching out and for sharing the screenshot! Since this discussion is from six years ago, and the original file was created in Storyline 1, some of the triggers and conditions might differ. 

If you can share your .story file here, I would be happy to take a look, and I'm sure others in the community might be able to offer you suggestions as well.