States, Layers, and Triggers - Need Another Set of Eyes Please

Jul 10, 2023


I am working with a group who reviews submitted courses for technical proficiency prior to a course receiving content review. I have a slide (attached - along with a placeholder slide before and after) in which the learner will read a statement, and then click on various parts of the statement to reveal additional information. In the technical review, I got dinged because the reviewer stated they got a double layer when clicking on one of the statements. I believe the reviewer because they attached a screenshot with their feedback that showed the additional information text box for another layer appearing on top of the text box that is expected to pop up. I could not recreate it however, neither within the software itself or the LMS. Clearly I had something programmed incorrectly that would cause this duplicate layer to happen sporadically.

I am fairly new to Articulate Storyline 360 and have worked diligently on this slide again. I think I have it working properly now but I hope some of you experts are willing to look at it to see if it looks correct to you. I only get one more chance to submit for technical review this calendar year so it is important to me that I get it right this time...sigh! 

Please take a look at what I've created and let me know if you think the layers, states and triggers are correct this time. Thanks so much!

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Walt Hamilton

You attached the published file. If somebody runs it, they may or may not see the described action. As I understand your post, what you really want is someone to look at what you've done to see if they can spot anything that might cause the problem. For that to happen, you need to attach the .story version of the file before your publish it.

Kelly Auner

Hi Sonya, and thanks for reaching out!

What an odd issue! Was this only happening for one reviewer and did it happen sporadically for them or every time? I tested your course and it appears to play as expected. I'm not seeing duplicate layers. Here's a quick screen recording of what it looks like on my end.

As Walt suggested, we'll be happy to take a look at your .story file if you're comfortable sharing it. You can upload it here or privately in a support case. We'll delete it from our systems once troubleshooting is complete!

Sonya McLamb

Hi Walt and Kelly! My apologies for not attaching as a .story file. Hopefully I uploaded it into the proper format this time so others can take a look.


And Kelly, thank you for providing what you see. I am hoping I have the issue corrected but just need someone else to look at what I did to make sure, as Walt said, that someone doesn't see something that may cause a problem. Thanks again!

Sonya McLamb

Oh, and by the way Kelly. I have no way of knowing how many times this happened for the one reviewer (they don't tell me that information). Therefore, I revamped the slide to work a different way and just need to see if anyone else sees a potential problem with how I designed it. I certainly don't need any more overlap of layer information showing through.

Walt Hamilton

Two places I would look:

Be very sure that the continue button changes the state of the rectangle on the base, and not one of the same name on the layer.

Two of the layers have rectangles with visited states that are not filled, which could allow another piece of text to show through, just as you described. You don't use those visited states (at least, not in the sample), so I would get rid of them.

In general, I fill textboxes unless I have a specific, special reason for seeing through them. Your description sounds like seeing through a textbox could be causing the problem. I would fill them, and make them big enough and placed in the right place to block anything below them that might otherwise show through.

Tommi Ojala

I think I found the problem. You get a text box on top of another if you click (instead of Continue) either blue or green area again when the pop up is open (meaning not the base layer, but on those additional layers). There is no such problem with yellow area.

The additional text box seems come there because those blue and green areas on the additional layers have "Visited" states that for some reason have an additional text box in them. This might part of some previous version of the slide that you left in there by accident.