States of Objects not changing on trigger

Nov 11, 2016

Hello, I have created an interaction where users click on shapes to jump to different slides. When they have clicked on the shape, the state of that shape changes to hidden. This has worked with 3 of the shapes which are boxes but not for the other two, a trapezoid and moon shape. It works when I preview the slide on it's own but not when I preview it as part of the entire scene. 

I have tried everything I can think of. I have copied the triggers that are working and edited them. I have also changed the trapezoid to a box (as with the non-box shapes, I had had to add a text box to the normal state because it was too small to edit text within the shape itself and I thought this might be the issue). 

Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sue! Welcome to Heroes!

Instead of changing the state of the shape to 'Hidden' when the user clicks it, have you considered changing the state to 'Visited'? The visited state could be 100% transparent, or 'No Fill', so that it has the same effect as 'Hidden'. 

I put together a really quick sample Storyline file to show you exactly what I mean. I hope this helps!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sue! Looks like Walk and I were looking into your file at the same time. :)

I did the same thing to your triggers that Walt suggested. Also, I removed the 'Visited' states on all of your shapes because changing the state to 'Hidden' when the user clicks the shapes negates the need for the 'Visited' state.

Take a look at the attached file, and let me know if this works for you!

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