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Mar 24, 2015


I have a menu slide with 6 buttons.  Each button has a Normal, Disables and Selected state.  The slide is set as 'Resume saved state'

The first button initial state is Normal, the others are disabled and change to normal on click of the previous button.

When the user clicks each menu button they are navigated to a slide showing a video at the end of the video they click the next button to either go to another slide in that section or return to the menu where the can click the next button and so on...

This all works fine if the user doesn't click on a menu button the second time. 

For example they have clicked button 1 and 2, then decide they want to click on button 1 (selected state) to revisit that slide the state of button 1 changes to Normal.

What ever I try doesn't seem to work.  I have a variable called viewedButton1 which is set by default as False and set to change to True when timeline starts on the slide shown when the menu button is clicked.  The variable should remain true - there is nothing set to change the menu button back to Normal or the variable back to false.  

I need help ASAP as this is delaying my handover to my client.


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