States Problem

Jun 16, 2017

Hi All, I'm a new Storyline user and am having trouble getting object states to behave as I want them to.  I am trying to replicate a slide from the content library where the user clicks on different controls to see different layers.  When they click on a different control the previously selected one returns to normal.  In my slide, the selected control doesn't return to normal when they select a different control, but when they click on a control a second time, it does return to the normal state.  Basically I want my slide to behave the same way the one from the content library does.  I have attached the file, my slide is slide 1 and the content library one is slide 2.  Many thanks!

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Wendy Farmer

H Kim

clicking an object once changes it's state from Normal to Selected, clicking it again takes it back to normal.  If you have a number of choices and you only want one to be in the selected state at anytime - create a button set.

Select all the buttons > right click > button set.  Now when you click button 1 it will be selected, click button 2 and button 1 will return to normal state and button 2 will be in selected state.

I  have updated your file

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