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Walt Hamilton

I worked on 1.5

You could use the states if they were individual objects, but since they are all one picture, I had to create objects on the slide. I made them with a fill, and set the transparency to 100%. I put an outline on them so you can see where they are (although AK is hard to see, because it is really close to the state outline.)

I did all the states but Oregon. There are two that are hidden and visible, two that are layers, and two that are hover over, so you can see some of the options.


edit - slides attached.

Bob O'Donnell

The one slide I looked at (These Six Pieces Make Up the PSJH Nursing Institute) had your details on a layer underneath the objects. You could have easily used a trigger to "Hide" each block when it was clicked on. That would then reveal the text underneath each block as they were selected.

If you wanted to use layers, just put each block's extra info on its own layer and set the trigger up to show that layer when the user clicks on the object.

Note: That slide also has a transition on it that fades everything out at the end of the timeline revealing all text. Not sure if you planned on that or not. I assume you're still working on the details.

Bob O'Donnell

Sure, have a look. This entire slide works. I deleted all the extra boxes and text you had on the slide. You can actually type or copy and paste text into your shapes. This file has 2 slides. One that shows the effect of hiding the boxes and one that shows each layer information until you click on another box.

There are lots of different ways to set these interactions up. I'm sure Walt or Michael would give you different options that display a similar end product.