STL 360: Can you apply hide/show programming to Menu titles?

I'm not hopeful but it never hurts to ask!

I have a course that has branching using a simple True/False variable.

Depending on how they answer a question, True takes them to a specific slide.

One of my SMEs doesn't like that they can see the other branches in the Menu. But I don't want to hide the Menu because I want to allow the Learner the ability to go back and review past it displays titles.

So is there any Show/Hide trigger or states I can apply to the Menu where if a variable is triggered, the Learner only sees their branches slide in the Menu?


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Katie.

I'm looking forward to what our talented community members will suggest for you!

If your design allows, my suggestion would be to create your own custom navigation menu, instead of showing the player's one. Here are a few resources:

I hope those inspire you when creating your own!