STL2 - HTML5 Player Font size does not increase

I changed the Player font size to 120% and in the Flash published version it is increased and looks okay but in the HTML5 published it does not increase and looks like &^%$#.

See the attached images and publish settings.

Menu - HTML5 HTML5  Menu - Flash  Flash

Publish Settings  Publish Settings


Is this an Articulate HTML5 bug or is there a workaround? 

Thanks for any help!!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ray,

Thanks for the images here and sorry for any confusion you ran into. As you'll see documented here, this change only affects Flash output. HTML5 output will still use a player font size of 100%, and the Articulate Mobile Player uses a font size optimized for mobile devices.

For additional comparisons of items that work in Flash, HTML5 and the mobile player you may want to review this chart.