stopping audio when clicking on a trigger

Hello, I'm very new to storyline, but having an issue regarding media.  Right now I have triggers for the same audio media to play for 3 different radio buttons.   I click on one radio button, the media plays, and if I click on a different radio button the same audio is playing over one original audio (same audio but just hearing it at two different paces).  How do I stop audio from playing when the user clicks on a different radio button? 


Thanks for your help!


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Saubert Nicole

Hi Wendy-

Unfortunately I can't share the file due to company policy but perhaps can
clarify. There is 1 media file that I want to play (the learners answer)
this will play dependent on which radio button the user clicks. If they
click 1 radio button the media starts playing and another trigger is set to
show the learner if they are right/wrong via caption.

if the user clicks 1 radio button the audio starts playing: if they press
another radio button while the audio is playing the audio plays again- I
don't want the second part to happen... Any suggestions? Or is further
clarification needed?

Thanks for your help!