Store user quiz data on an LMS?

I need to know if storyline 360 can store a users answers from a true/false quiz, onto an LMS (blackboard). What I'm trying to do is have two separate storyline files on one LMS and have the first presentation store the users choice (true or false) into the LMS, and based on the choices that the user chose from storyline file 1, to show a scenario in storyline file 2. Let me try to break it down...

The user clicks true in storyline file 1.

The user opens storyline file 2, and the choice from file 1 is remembered which then triggers a slide based on the choice of file 1. 

Is it possible to associate 2 files like this?

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Matthew Bibby

Yes, you can store answers to a quiz on the LMS. As long as you have a results slide in your course, this should happen automatically. Note that with SCORM 1.2 you won't get the question text (just an identifier and the response) but with SCORM 2004 you will.

However, Crystal is correct in saying that Storyline can't pull variables from one course into another. This is due to the way that SCORM projects are sandboxed.