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I've published a Storyline file and I need to upload the files to our LMS.  However, the program does not need to be configured for reporting/tracking information.  The problem we're running into is with the story_content folder.  Our method is to upload one file (.xml, html, etc.) at a time.  We cannot copy/paste the entire folder.  The story content folder contains a lot of files.  So we're wondering if we have to upload each file individually or is there an easier way? We've tried zipping this folder, but when it's launched we receive an error message.  Thank you

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Nev!

Which LMS are you using? Have you had a chance to review the bottom sections of our LMS tutorial? Were you sure to unzip the file before trying to launch the course? 

  • ZIP: This creates a zipped file of your output in the location you specified on the Publish window. For LMS users, this is the most common choice, because then you can easily upload your entire zipped course to your LMS.
  • Open Folder: This opens a file viewer where you can see the files Storyline just created. There will be several folders and files which are needed to play your course. If your LMS requires that you identify a single launch file once you've uploaded your content, the file to point to is index_lms.html.
nev alpough

Yes, I’ve reviewed the LMS tutorials and other videos.  We use Yellow Platter as our LMS.   It’s a very simple process - we click an Upload button.  An Upload window displays.  Next, we click the Browse button and pull the files from the appropriate location.  When the location populates in the File field, we click the Upload button.  A message pops up asking if we need to upload another file and we start the process over again.  To launch the program, we select the html file by a radio button.  I know that all of the files have to be uploaded; it's determining how to upload 92 files in one folder.  I hope this helps.  Kind regards...