Apr 10, 2017

I just recently started my Articulate 360 trial and wanted to try converting an existing PowerPoint file to a trackable course via LMS.  From reading other posts, as well as looking up how to publish the presentation for a LMS I see references to story.html, but when Studio 360 publishes the files to my hard drive, I don't see any files named "story.html".  I see a lot of .html files, but which one is synonymous with story.html?  index_lms.html? presentation.html?


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Ali Goulet

Hey James,

Welcome to Heroes, so glad that you're checking out Articulate 360! You're not missing anything there, the "story.html" you've seen referenced is specific to Storyline. For Studio, the equivalent will be the "presentation.html" file you'll see in that output. This tutorial on publishing for LMS is Studio 360 specific and may come in handy for you to check out. Hope that helps clarify a bit, don't hesitate to let me know if you have further questions

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